About Us


At FISHMAN ASSOCIATES CPAs, you are the most important person in our office, and you deserve to have timely and competent attention paid to your affairs.  Your work will be handled by our staff members who can give you the service you require at the least possible cost.  Our services are intended to complement your ability in your chosen field.  Your business and financial problems are given individual, creative attention - tailored to fit your needs.

All matters handled by us are treated with strict confidentiality and the high standard of the accounting profession's Code of Ethics.  No information about your affairs will ever be released to unauthorized persons.

Open communication is a vital factor in any good client-professional relationship.  At FISHMAN ASSOCIATES CPAs, our goal is to communicate with you in a manner that leaves you well-informed and comfortable.  Feel free to discuss your needs and objectives with us.  Ask how your work will be handled.  Most importantly, ask questions about anything that you do not understand.

Our fees are not fixed by the accounting profession.  They are based on the time and expertise required for each engagement.  Our objective is always to give you as much value as possible for the fee charged.  At the initial conference, we discuss the nature of the work to be done for you and the fee arrangement.

You'll find in FISHMAN ASSOCIATES CPAs a partner who can offer sound business and financial advice and help you cut through the red tape of the business and financial world.

We'd like the opportunity to meet you and discuss your accounting needs.  Let's get together.

FISHMAN ASSOCIATES - Get more than just a tax return.